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Q:  Why did it take so long for Ours to record their third album?!?
A:  Jimmy was able to make an album completely on his own terms and not feel constrained by label pressures. During this period of several years, Ours kept busy with semi-frequent touring and Jimmy's side projects.
Q:  Is there a difference between Jimmy Gnecco and Ours?
Much like Nine Inch Nails, Ours is not exactly a solo project in the traditional sense.  Jimmy is the mastermind behind the group but he has also brought on other talented members to see his vision through.  Recently, Jimmy has made a clear distinction between Ours songs and his solo material.
Q:  Age old question: Was Jimmy Jeff Buckley's guitar tech?
A:  As I'm sure Jimmy is sick of hearing about this, the answer is no. He, as well as other members of the band knew Jeff, and one time Jimmy repaired an old Gretch guitar for Jeff and brought it to his next gig.
Q:  Was Race in Memphis with Jeff Buckley when Jeff drowned?
A:  No, not exactly. He did spend some time down there with Jeff, but it was in February not May. He was there working with Ours former manager Gene Bowen. Gene was Jeff's tour manager.
Q:  How does the band feel about bootlegging?
A:  Jimmy has said "it's cool, we encourage that type of stuff".
Q:  Is Jimmy a heroin addict?  He looks thin and sick.
A:  No.  Jimmy is a dedicated runner and (former) vegan, and therefore keeps a very small, lean frame.
Q:  Did Ours need permission to record the cover versions of Bohemian Rhapsody and Femme Fatale? If so, what did the original artists think?
A:  Jimmy explains "About the covers. We didn't actually get clearance. Once a song is recorded over by another artist who has been granted permission, the song is then out there for the taking. It doesn't mean that we get paid for it, because we don't. Rightfully so. I'm not sure what they think of our versions, but I would be curious to know."
Q:  Is Ours going to release more covers?
A:  Jimmy may release covers but he has no intention to release any more covers on Ours albums.
Q:  How did Race earn his nickname?
A:  According to Jimmy "Race got his name because its exactly the opposite of how he lives his life. He takes his time with everything."
Q:  Did Jimmy rip off Radiohead's "Talk Show Host" when he wrote "Sometimes"?
A:  No, in fact Jimmy wrote "Sometimes" when he was 17, long before Radiohead wrote theirs.
Q:  Is Distorted Lullabies available on vinyl?
A:  No, sorry it is not, however this is not the bands doing.
Q:  What was written on Jimmy's hand when Ours performed on NBC's Last Call?
A:  "WOURS"  It's a play on words meant to look like a radio station's call letters.  More specifically, it's a  stab at DreamWorks, who promised the band that radio was the key to their success.
Q:  What other bands has Jimmy been in?
A:  During and after high school, Jimmy sung for the bands "Lost Child" and "The Harmony Bandits".  The Harmony Bandits eventually became Ours.
Q:  What day is Jimmy's birthday?
A:  September 29th.
Q:  Is Pit Jimmy's brother?
A:  Yes, although he has the stage name of "Pit Orbach" he is indeed a Gnecco.
Q:  Where can I buy Ours merchandise such as posters and t-shirts?
A:  You can now purchase clothing merchandise from!
Q:  Why do you have this fansite?
A:  Because, like you, I love this band. They have talent, strong songwriting, and very affecting songs. The word has to be spread! Not only that, but how many bands are so accessible to their fans, bring them up on stage to play/sing, and are completely nice guys?
FAQ appears courtesy of Mike M

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