Kill the Band  



Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy)

American Recordings
Released in 2008

01 - Mercy
02 - The Worst Things Beautiful
03 - Ran Away to Tell the World
04 - Black
05 - Moth
06 - Murder
07 - God Only Wants You
08 - Live Again
09 - Willing
10 - Saint
11 - Lost
12 - Get Up


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DreamWorks Records
  Released in 2002

01 - Kill The Band
02 - Realize
03 - Leaves
04 - Places
05 - Outside
06 - In A Minute
07 - Femme Fatale
08 - Broken
09 - Chapter 2 (money)
10 - If Flowers Turn
11 - Disaster In A Halo
12 - Red Colored Stars


Distorted Lullabies

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Major label debut on DreamWorks Records
  Released in 2001

01 - Fallen Souls
02 - Drowning
03 - I'm A Monster
04 - Sometimes
05 - Miseryhead
06 - Here Is The Light
07 - Medication
08 - Dancing Alone
09 - Bleed
10 - Dizzy
11 - Meet Me In The Tower
12 - As I Wander


Sour demo

sour lyrics

Released in 1994

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Precious Advance

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Tracks:  Kill the Band, Realize, Leaves (edit),
Places, Outside, In a Minute, Femme Fatale,
Broken, Chapter 2 (money), If Flowers Turn,
Disaster in a Halo, Red Colored Stars
Released in 2002


Distorted Lullabies Advance

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Tracks:  Fallen Souls, Drowning (w/reprise),
I'm A Monster, Sometimes, Miseryhead,
Here Is The Light, Medication, Dancing Alone, Bleed,
Dizzy, Meet Me In The Tower, As I Wander
Note:  Same as earlier self-titled promo but adds
track "Sometimes". This is the version that was
released May 15, 2001 in the US
Released in 2001

Drowning Single

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Tracks:  Drowning (new version-produced by Tim
Palmer and Jimmy Gnecco), Bohemian Rhapsody [Queen]
Released in Aug 2001


Sometimes Single

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Tracks:  Sometimes

Note:  Promotional CD single sent out to various 
media, radio stations, etc.
Released in 2001

DL 3-track Sampler EP

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Tracks:  I'm A Monster, Drowning w/(reprise), Bleed
Note:  Same versions as LP.  Mostly distributed free
to Ours concert goers.  In cardboard sleeve
Released in 2000

DL Acoustic EP

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Tracks:  Meet Me In The Tower (acoustic version),
Here Is The Light (acoustic version)
Note:  Given away free in some markets with purchase
of Distorted Lullabies
Released in 2001

Leaves Single

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Tracks:  Leaves
Note:  Slightly different edit of Leaves; the last
verse is cut.
Released in 2002

DL 2-Track Sampler

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Tracks:  Sometimes, I'm a monster
Note:  In cardboard sleeve.
Released in 2001


Precious 2-Track Sampler

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Tracks:  Leaves (edit), Kill The Band
Released in 2002



Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy) Sampler

Tracks:  Mercy, Ran Away To Tell The World, Murder

Released in 2007




License To Drive DreamWorks sampler:  Features I'm A Monster
Modrox 19-Monthly issued 31 track CD compilation for DJs and radio industry folks:  Includes Drowning
FMBQ Vol 35-April 2001-Wylde in Texas:  Includes Sometimes
MTV2 Handpicked compilation CD features Sometimes. Released Jan 22,02
Monitor This 20-track compilation CD features Ours cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. Dec/Jan 2002 issue
Sometimes promotional video cassette-usdwv 0110003 released 4/11/01
Launch CD-ROM #53- Contains live video/audio track of Ours performing "Medication"
Club 1630 DVD - Sept 2001 contains "Sometimes" video
OURS "Sometimes" trade ad appeared in numerous magazines/newspapers. 2001. 
Think DreamWorks. Promotional 16 track sampler cd DRMR-13696-2. Released 2001.  Features Ours "Sometimes" from the LP Distorted Lullabies.
Fall 2000 DreamWorks promo sampler CD-18 track compilation cd featuring OURS "I'm A Monster" DRMR-13624-2
OURS logo stickers. Promotional stickers given out my DreamWorks Records and the Ours Street Virus Team.

Promotional poster for Distorted Lullabies LP. 
Promotional poster for Pete Yorn/Ours US tour sponsored by MTV2. 
Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack: Includes collaboration with Brian May "Someone to Die For"  Buy
Savoy - Savoy (A-Ha side project):  Collaboration which includes Jimmy's lead vocals on "The Breakers" and backing vocals on  "Shooting Spree"  Buy

Neverending White Lights - Act I: Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies:  Includes a collaboration with Daniel Victor titled "Our Final Hymn"  Buy
Neverending White Lights - Act II: The Blood and the Life Eternal:  Includes a collaboration with Daniel Victor titled "Dove Coloured Sky"





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